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Hytera HP5 Series - Empower Your Operation

Hytera has recently released HP56X and HP50X portable two-way radios to further expand and strengthen its new generation of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio. The HP5 models are developed to provide reliable voice communications for security, operations, technician, and maintenance teams at office buildings, stadiums, industrial parks, school campuses, hospitals, etc. H-Series, including portable radios, mobile radios, and repeaters, is designed and developed on new hardware and software platforms. Hytera began the introduction of its next-generation H-Series DMR radios with HP7 portable two-way radios, HM7 mobile radios, and HR106X repeaters to the global markets at the end of 2021; then HP6, HM6, and HR6 models followed. With obvious competitive edges in the marketplace, H-Series models have been swiftly adopted by customers across countries. Now the latest HP5 models further enhance Hytera’s ability to serve more customers from different sectors.

Highlights of HP5 Series

Crisp, Clear Audio

Purify your voice, and eliminate the noise. The HP5 Series delivers crystal-clear audio in any environment with AI-based noise cancellation. This technology suppresses any annoying feedback howling and filters out the unwanted ambient noises.

Break Through the Distance

With the 0.18μV (‒122dBm) sensitivity, the HP5 Series provides exceptional communication coverage. It ensures reliable communications even at the far edge of coverage with weak signals. Wherever you go in the workplace, you can always keep connected.

Versatile Type-C Port

Just share the same USB data cable with your smartphone, then you can charge your radio with a power bank or car charger, or program and upgrade your radio. All of these benefit from the universal Type-C port.

BT, Wirelessly, Conveniently

The HP5 Series has optional BT 5.2 capability, so you can experience total freedom with no cords when using BT audio accessories. You can pair the radio with your smartphone, and then get radio programming done by the HyTool Radio Manager app on your smartphone.

Track People and Device Anywhere

The HP5 Series provides location updates to the dispatcher, thanks to the optional GPS, BDS, and GLONASS positioning systems. The dispatcher can receive the radio location that is automatically sent with the emergency call, and then allot resources for quick assistance or rescue.

Easier to Use

The HP5 Series has dedicated dual knobs for volume and channel controls, improving your efficiency. The U-shaped slot on the back of the battery allows you to install or remove the belt clip more easily. The enlarged LED indicator makes you know the radio status at a glance.

Rugged Reliability

The HP5 Series, IP67 and MIL-STD-810G certified, is built to withstand the harsh conditions that come with all kinds of industry fieldwork. The radio housing is made of polycarbonate with excellent abrasion and heat resistance.

With Type-C charging, IP67 ruggedness, crystal clear audio, and excellent communication range, the Hytera HP5 series portable radios provide a professional, easy-to-use, and cost-effective instant group communications solution for enterprise and business users. Click below button to learn more about HP5 Series.

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